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Satoru Ozawa, DOM, L.Ac, ATC
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In this blog, I want to explain 3 tips you should do before the period. As you know, many women have experienced many problems before the period like period cramps, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, etc.

Some could not be functional and don’t want to do anything whatsoever because they feel miserable.

Would you want to get rid of the pain or sad feeling and would like to have a more peaceful time?

Because I have seen many patients with the same problems as you, I can describe how to manage before the period.

These women have beneficial to read this blog

  • Due to pain, you can’t work before the period.
  • You feel irritable before the period, so you tend to fight with your husband or your boyfriend.
  • Your skin breaks out before the period, so you don’t want to go out.

1. What to do before the menstrual period?

Other than severe gynecological disorders, imbalances in women’s hormones cause menstrual cramps before the period.

Mainly prostaglandin significantly shoots up and causes period cramps, mood swings, headaches, PMS, etc. Excessive secretion of the hormone makes the uterus contract and causes pain or cramping.

Warm your lower abdomen with a heat pack or even take a bath with hot water or go to the sauna.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you have a cold in the uterus, it is called blood stagnation in the uterus.

And it makes cramps when you have the period. Instead of taking pain medication, you should try to apply a heat pack to the lower abdomen. So, you can concentrate on work or study.

This study shows that heat therapy is effective in easing menstrual cramps compared with no treatment.

2. Why do you feel irritable before the period?

It is called PMS, and it causes an imbalance of women’s hormones. Take the natural Chinese herbs to balance the hormone.

In Japan and China, many oriental medicine doctors or acupuncturists treat PMS with Chinese medicine.

And one of the powerful herbs for PMS is called Jia Wei Xiao Yao San. It soothes the stacked energy, so you feel relief from the irritable emotions.

The principal herbs in this formula are Bupleurum and Angelica Root.

Bupleurum Root is one of the best single Chinese herbs to soothe Liver energy and raise Yang Qi.

It helps stress and gives strength, and even restores the immune systems as well.

Saikosaponins are one of the principal components of Bupleurum, and it has the benefits of sedation, epilepsy, antiviral, immunity, anti-inflammation, protecting liver and kidney, etc.

And Angelica root is one of the best single Chinese herbs to nourish and move the blood for gynecologic disorders, anti-inflammatory, and boost immune systems.

On top of these herbs, blood-moving components, Chinese Motherwort, red peony, and turmeric, are added.

3. How to deal with skin breakout before the period?

Daily diet leads to acne care. Avoid skipping meals, overdrinking, snacking as much as possible, and getting various nutrition from 2–3 meals a day.

Eat more proteins that are essentials for the skin. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 promote skin metabolism and control the amount of secretes skin oil. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps eliminate rough skin. You can take more dietary fiber that helps improve constipation.

  • Protein: meat, fish, eggs, soybeans/soybean products
  • Vitamin B2: Eggs, natto, liver, grilled seaweed
  • Vitamin B6: tuna, bonito, salmon, meat, bananas, garlic
  • Dietary fiber: Grains, potatoes, legumes, vegetables/fruits, seaweeds, mushrooms
  • Vitamin A: Green and yellow vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins, cheese, eggs
  • Vitamin B1: Milled rice with embryos, brown rice, pork, eel, legumes, seaweed
  • Vitamin C: red peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, lemons

On top of that, avoid eating chocolate, donuts, and cakes. Also, it is a good idea to refrain from greasy food like french fries or cheeseburgers.


In conclusion, I want you to try these easy 3 tips to ease your menstrual problems before the period.

Firstly, please apply a heat pack to the lower abdomen or take a hot bath to ease the menstrual cramps.

Secondly, try to take Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, one of the most major Chinese herbs for PMS to manage your emotional swings.

Finally, eat good food to prevent skin breakout due to hormonal imbalance. Balanced vitamins and minerals are essential to staying clean in your skin.

I hope it helps your condition, and you will be able to have a good time during the period.

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About Author: Satoru Ozawa, DOM, L.Ac, ATC — Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist. With his ten years of experience in Oriental Medicine, he will recommend the best natural Remedies, including Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and health tips to relieve your suffering.


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Satoru Ozawa, DOM, L.Ac, ATC

Satoru is a doctor of Oriental medicine, an acupuncturist, and a Chinese herb specialist. He has treated various kinds of patients in Los Angeles and New Mexico